Have you ever failed in love, after falling in it hopelessly? Well here is Love Riron, a manga that will teach you to stand up like the man you're not. And it's a fun ride throughout the way.

Love Riron is primarily romance, as usual spiced with a healthy dose of comedy and ecchi-ness, but also spiked with perverted guardian ghosts and dead grandfathers with harems.

The Loveless Fool

Yarahata Kanji-kun, our protagonist, is a loser in love. He's never succeeded in real love, instead finding comfort in his built in girlfriend. The Manga opens with Kanji getting ready to go, but he's interrupted by a head replacing his ****. Little does he know, his love and everyday life's gonna be totally turned all around.

The Love Doctor is here! And he's already under your skin.

Kanji and his gang or friends, all hapless otaku who enjoy staring lewdly at passing females have never succeeded in love, at all. But do they care? NO, NOT AT ALL. Kanji is the only one who harbours worry, fretting that he'll never succeed in getting a girlfriend. It's a realistic fear, of being stagnated in the current listlessness of your life, and I myself had(still) felt this way, so I thoroughly emphasize with poor Kanji. Too bad I don't have a pair of perverted ghosts to take care of me.

The Love Doctor and The Ancestor

Aiya is an ghost sent from the spirit world charged by Kanji's grandfather with a single mission. Make Kanji get smooth enough to get some. He frequently dispenses 'Love Theorems' of his own design, crafted and perfected during his days alive, over the course of his life. Aiya is TOTALLY perverted, frequently taking control of Kanji's body to conduct some lewd act, like grabbing asses. Luckily, he's stopped by Kanji's grandfather. Who proceeds to do the same thing.

A smattering of the many, many love theories scattered throughout the manga.

Love Theory

Aiya's Love Theories, given out whenever Kanji seemingly fails at pick-ups, often hit home. That makes me feel entirely awkward sometimes, but I'm also thankful for them. They're often realistic enough, if you know how to shape them to your own life.


*DISCLAIMER* Your attempts at love may still fail, even if you follow these instructions to the letter.

Characters and Interactions

Characters in this manga seem to fit into a stereotype at the beginning, however those are quite quickly broken, which fits into the story, which is a tale of gettin' some I mean, coming of age. Kanji visibly matures as the manga goes on, his dialogue become more immaculate and detailed, especially if you read the raws. His interaction with Yoshizato Saki, the main heroine, and daughter of his employer, a shop owner, is really touching at times, when he's not being a total idiot.

The art is...... Highly weird to be honest. The obscene amount of detail that's usually up whenever the characters show disbelief, is quite exaggerated, leading to some people giving up on the manga. However, for me, it fits quite well into the manga's eccentric nature.

Love Riron is still a pretty good manga, though it's not for everyone.