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Everything Japan - from Anime to Myth!

Ascendant - Izanagi

Hey everyone on TAY! I'm the Ascendant - Izanagi, a new member, and hopefully contributor to the TAY community since the 22nd of March 2015, after lurking around for about a year or so. Shoutout to Protonstorm for dragging my lurking ass out.


So I'm gonna tell you guys about myself here, mostly boring details but here we go:

  • I'm still in school. Yes, you read that right. Look at the site address.
  • I am a major book and literature buff, reading anything that ain't for kids. *winks*
  • I am currently writing a novel, you may peruse it here :
  • I watch a lot of anime, favourite genre being psychological/romance.
  • The anime that started it all : Gundam 00
  • I nearly exclusively play RPGs, with a little bit of strategy.
  • I practice Kendo and Fencing, Piano and Violin.
  • I love Japanese music, including Utada Hikaru, Kana Nishino, Supercell, etc.
  • I also listen to classical and italian, by artists like Andrea Bochelli and Josh Groban.

That's all I think I need to say, do comment if you want to know more lol.

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